Welcome Innovators!

 There is always so much to do, and yet never enough.

My name is Lauryn Ash. Welcome to my personal & professional blog. I started Ashlingh in the Spring of 2013 to showcase my technopoetry and turn my scribbles into pixels. Suddenly, it became very popular. I dove into Entrepreneurship shortly there after and gained new connections and lasting friendships. It was everything my passionate story-telling persona dreamed: a place to constantly tell stories & consistantly hear cooler ones.

I take my dreams and make them real. I love to write, so usually these dreams become worlds and settings for future characters. I love to do, so others become business ideas, creative strategies, and countless activities to keep the game afoot! I post pictures of coffee and food and working–because that’s what I love! 

Writing is a life’s work, so why can’t all work be to better our lives? I say: take what you’re given and go DO something with it! I love to work, because my work is what I love–writing, creating, inspiring, blogging, and dreaming.

I’m a techno-poet, entrepreneur, coffee-addict. I instagram beverages and burpple all my meals. I love Sony, Square Enix, and Apple. Hello- and welcome to my online presence.