You’re still here.

Hanging onto my every word.

Well, I’m back.

Better than ever, and like never before. Bursting onto aa scene I never meant to enter. Trying to do everything I said I would and nothing at all. My goals haven’t changed, because I never accomplished them. I forgot that I made them, desperate to accomplish some other stronger desire. I forgot I still I had this blog. I am glad it remains.

Ryn has returned.


Jins PC Glasses!! Box Opening & Trial Run!

PC Glasses should make staring at a computer screen “easy on the eyes.” Full pun intended. And for those unfamiliar with the awesomeness of Japan & Amazon. Get with it! There is more to life than HyVee pockey, yes? The mail man at the door just delivered my beautiful package from the Japan Post! & I immediately dropped all my university work to attend to the matter at hand–blogging about Jins.

Y- introduced to me Jins, the eyewear store, in Japan during our creepy trip to Odaiba. Jins PC Glasses actually have an ad campaign going on with Shinjeki no Kyoujin, or Attack on Titan.

I didn’t know about this. But suddenly, I feel a little self-consciously obsessive.

-adjusts new frames-

They are huge! compared to my other black frames. Oh. And they are purple. I bought purple frames. It takes getting used to, because my eyes can pick up that the blue light is now gone. (Obviously, hence eye strain.) I can still tell that my field of vision is tinted, or cancelling out a colour. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe we are all attuned to it?

I had a super fun time getting them out and trying them on!

And I had a great time finding the case for them, so I can take them with me where ever I go~

They are tinted. NT compared them to his polarized lenses. And Yuuki still has to squint at her monitor–it’s too bright! Haha. All in all, they are great edition to my study accessory kit! Now on to writing that honors thesis and content for our Tinderbox secret project. c;

Let me know what you think on Twitter or Tumblr! Follow me if you don’t, and keep looking for weird updates on my life & livelihood. We’re also doing a cool Tinderbox Survey <-innocent plug. Check it out if you haven’t already! [i.e., you read this and it hasn’t gotten to your social network stream yet.]

Year in Review: 2013

I feel like I’m forty; my 22 birthday is two days away.

Last night, more than a dozen people sang me Happy Birthday on New Year’s Eve. I can’t recall the last time that happened. It was slightly awkward, and a lot confusing, but my family was probably the only sober ones there. I forgave them.

I qualified to be a Finalist in STEM for the Technology of Iowa, Women in Innovation. My main major is English with creative writing. I have a blog. Yay techno poetry!!!*

*It was totally Tinderbox Studio’s award. Otherwise there is no way that would qualify me. At least not in 2013…

I attended the amazing OKOBOJI ENTREPRENEURIAL INSTITUTE with lovely host families & beautiful friends and tried not to kill myself with all the passion and excitement around me.

There was this thing called a Business Model Competition. Tinderbox owned it. End of story.

Oh. And there was another one at Harvard. We totally owned walking around the campus in high heels for hours. The semi-finalist status was an honor enough.

And then to close in backwards, a year to the month ago I asked: “What would happen if I became a JPEC Ambassador & signed up for some 06T courses?”

Well, guys. This. This happens. c:

Happy New Year! And a blessed crazy one to come at that~

  • More writing on Tinderbox blog
  • Appropriate exercising.
  • Less eating. More doing.


OEI Day Three

6:30 – Wake Up
7:05 – Arrive @ Lakeside Labs for Breakfast
7:30 – Get Kicked out of Dining Hall to go do work
7:45 – 9: 30 – Work on Quarter Two / VC Presentation
10 – 11:45 – Submit Quarter Three and Anxiously Await Results
12 – 12:20 – Lunch
1 – 4 – Work on a Farm Splitting and Stacking Wood
4:50 – 5:40 – Relax and Sleep at Homestay.
5:45 – 6:30 – Get Ready for Networking Dinner
7:30 – Dinner, Lake, & Networking
10:20 – Arrive back at Homestay
10:47 – Facebook and Write the day’s activities in a blog

Okoboji makes us feel on top of the world. We’re surrounded by not one-time success, but serial success. People from everywhere and all backgrounds inspire us, challenge us, and invigorate us. Now: Our corporation goes into VC pitches tomorrow. We are vying for 4m in funding. We apparently need it. The only question on everyone’s minds:

What will we do next?

Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute [OEI] Day One

They say the official program doesn’t start until Monday the 5th. So today we had two group exercises, a mock simulation, a mini lecture, a networking event, meeting with host families, and then ended the day with an ice cream and a foot bath in the docks. My feet are so sore that I’ve got a hot towel wrapped around them.

I’ve got no cell reception here, but I do have a blog! So look out world for random posts and updates, Yay. Follow on Twitter @laurynashling & facebook for my friends: #ashatoei

Classroom Segment Number 19


the simple mentality of my dears
horsing around the meadow-brook
with all my ginger boys
covering up my nouns with
verbs, i want do i mean
by spends? they aren’t
paying me to sit here dreaming
o, i wish they would–


what shapes our skulls is square;
ends end justify the means or
averages of all we love under
currants that get stuck in our teeth.
the foundations we build
want to go forward; we stagnate them
for solid footing when it is nothing
but cherry blossoms.

Existential Mother’s Day Crisises

I find parental holidays strangely necessary. I always miss my father’s birthday because of school. I make up for it on Father’s Day. Yet, my mother’s birthday AND Mother’s Day are during the school year. She never gets me. I’m sure she feels jealous of the academic school year and can’t wait to get me out of formal education’s clutches. My sister’s had me miss her birthday quite frequently too. My sister turns envy into retribution. She’s in high school. She has time for it. I’m sure my mother is just storing her holiday feelings up in a little bottle. Then, when I graduate next year, she’ll slowly begin to release them as I look for farther and further places to live away. 

It will seep into my decision making me process. It will cause me to look at the places she likes and realize, hey they aren’t that bad. Then I will furiously shake my head. No! What is what I want and what is what she wants? Where do they overlap? Where do they diverge? Did I really want to attend the University I chose? Or was it just my parent’s good will towards it? Am I product of my own devices, or an empathic marionette of parental vicariousness?


Every Mother’s Day I have an existential crisis. I try so hard not to forget that I end up forgetting. Hallmark Holidays are everywhere, so I’ve taken to a habit of just ignoring them. And to make matters worse–my father’s birthday is in the between space of “What should I do for M day?” and “Oh my gosh it’s M day already?!” wherein my Mother reminds me to say something to my father–thankfully, bless her. So I end up having to split my thought time between them. Is this not unfair? 

I adjust my glasses frequently to read the screen. My allergies kill my eyes. I lost one ear-piece so they hang crooked on my head. My room is full of tissues and egg shells. The coffee pot is empty. I should have made more, then sigh. I still haven’t even emailed my mother or texted her. She should be sleeping in, or have slept in. Father will pretend that he knows how to make coffee. Sister will curl by the couch completely forgetting the day, caught in her own end-of-year antics. Mother wil smile at a yellow bouquet of flowers she received via mail order. Their container is actually a water pitcher. She’ll smile when I tell her. We’re both so practical like that. &i

I sit here typing away on a blog that should be used to showcase my talents, not my life, and wish that I didn’t have papers and finals to take that distract me from what I’m really focusing on. It’s not a matter of time. It’s a matter of prioritizing that time. And both do I want to not prioritize anything that has anything to do for a grade. 


Surprising Encounters

We never expect that the random girl in our class is going to be the best friend when you need it most. Things happen when you least expect it sounds too cliche; but we say it because our life can be summed up in 140 characters or less: you breathe until you don’t, then what? Funny how it’s seven numbers. Holy, et. al. etc.

A great friend says “do what you want; but don’t be stupid.” It’s a good rule of life that I think I’d like to abide by, but eating two cookies is still stupid, no matter how much want is involved. I think I’m skipping dinner. Sigh. I should not do stupid things. Otherwise, mixed with some spinach leaves and sugar cravings, my life is tossed well around business, school, and hobbies. The portion is to keep breathing and remember that life is not so imminent as immediate, which is much easier to handle.

Also: Please excuse my online diminished presence as the World is happening so rapidly I can barely catch the torrent. My isolation is not displeasing to it, but I am dragged away by the course of socialism as a function and rather than a gathering. Ah, is it grown up to realize society is planned and not performed?