Scratched Poetry From Class

I do these writing exercise where I just write down the words I hear and see around me in class. This was a strange evening, I suppose. Enjoy. 


It is a metaphor for death
dilly dallying the doom
of being chosen, that slow
chafe at your heels
lingers in your eyes
wears at your pockets into
two ample hand warmers.

With innocent surprise, you
smirkingly light another
at the downcast pedestrian
too eager to judge
uneager to question
suited up for the coffin already.

The final sound collapsed
in on itself–a pirouette
of a masterpiece–
cast down by a stray city cop,
who whispers “I’m sorry.”

Your grail of laughter in an
empty ashcan resounds against
your cynical nature. As
you sidestep the inevitable,
his spirit fizzles
into an extinguished unknown.


On Marvell, “The Garden,” Poetry Segment # 28

Inspired by Marvell and his mower/garden poems.

And when the stars and planets align,
to make, take, or break Divine.
And kneading dough that breaks our Earth,
to farm and till for all its worth.
We consciously decide the weight to bear
against the grains of time that wear
Upon our brow that alternates
between furious loves and passionate hates.
To tame another adulterated fruit,
we claim a sovereignty above dispute.
Changing perceptions obsessed in hope,
how can we write without a rope?

Sixteenth Century Theology a la Donne, lit notation 6

Looking at the second edition first, go back to the first edition second. The best deal is to recognize the gift of grace. Scrutinized yourself for grace.

Religious theory: pre-destination does not determine the free will choice to psychologically do things a redeemed person would do. so thereby becoming redeemed. doing good things make you good. what would they do to prove themselves among the elect? Donne very well knows theology–good to move between the different scripts, careful interpretation of learning. to begin preaching. his own practice.

People don’t write enough. When people stare and do not know what to write Doodle. The itching of the pen on paper shows unlearned knowledge. People want to say things the woman who give themselves to the paper, do not see it any other way as they are—the light at the 3rd mystical union of black on white. the space between the sexes that is believed and imagined because we have read about it. the sanctioned and the sanctification of Love. Donne takes both and writes as the idea of a woman, placing another’s name only after the words have been penned.
So what is a name, but a feeling? an image impressed with an undefined meaning? To cling to traditions that don’t yet exist; they cling to the Word they so readily resist.

The Decline of Great Writing, classroom segment 27

there’s a much more balanced juxtaposition
spending the first chance on doing;
little things that feel counterintuitive.
they get the big jobs in Hollywood
but we see how that turns goes–
bad writers.
The Internet/Digital tools expand the petite
narrative. Our moment is the
post-modern condition.

There’s nothing cool about it.
There’s just a formula that can sell.
When it began,
we got movies like the Matrix; but
we no longer believe in them.
There was Citizen Kane and Master Narratives
that no longer exist. They taught
the landmarks of film,
because the corrosive nature–pomo
has caught up with the hustle
of great literature. film. history.

There will be exceptions, of course
it will be tragic as they lose their
sacredity. What value is in open
access? Cynicism has bled into the
collapse of our narratives already.

Literary Notations IV. Soundscapes

professor Jeff Porter might secretly crop up more and more as I spend more time dedicated to creating literary sound art pieces. we think i should actually post them; leave a comment on this and start something. you’ll actually get to hear my voice. 

Sound cannot exist alone. 
Thought, connections to God vs.  Yaweh vs. Allah vs. Higher being–in Latin, the word is literally “higher being.”— The wind is “seen” in its effects rather then in its essence. I want to be the wind; seen for what I do not want I am or where I have come from. The horizon of invisibility is the concept that everything is mute [visually]  unless the sound that accompanies the object is heard, then it is [auditorily] defined in our brains.

Imagine a movie with no sound.

This is what it feels like to be deprived.

Things we see but make no sound register off. But things that have sound without sight. The wind in the trees or the sound of thunder before the storm. We smile and welcome them. Before we welcome shapes and sights we welcome sounds.
Remember: Your first instinct is to make noise and to be heard. Not to see with your eyes, but to see with your ears.

Literary Notations III

Writing- poetry written everywhere vs. paper, stone, or ring. Graffiti smoked on ceilings left traces for gentlemen to ponder. Calcium makes bones harden, and pressure to the pen dulls the needle. Never in my life have I heard such slander. Poetry – writing that is everywhere in talk and text and tweet. Gentlemen left traces on paper for students to study. Only to graffiti bathrooms and smoke in espresso clubs, stoned rings around their eyes and everywhere they say they write.

Literary Notations II

University and the INs of Court- Renaissance man: one who can do things well and easily. The art of making complicated things look easy, sprezzatura. Humanism: the philosophy of human and culture. 16th c. the learned man aspires power as a “self-made man.” The life of a poet, however, was to be leisured, that is gentel and not for pennies or money.

The signal we give: Marketing. The cultural capital gains refinement through education and experience; but the qualities that make us human are more sellable after we have earned them.

Literary Notations I

I have taken to writing out my lecture notes as bits of prose. This is what happens. I don’t try to format these paragraphs as they look on the page verbatim. I want the words to stand for themselves. Thanks! Enjoy, and remember: create, because if not you, who?

Network leaves a trace only if work is being done. If we can perceive it, something is trying to hold together that wouldn’t otherwise be held together. AGENCY is something that passes. Collaborate and not singularly, creation is wholly done by creators. Circumstances shift authorship.
Traditional modes do not work.

Classroom Segments Number 26

Yes, I am here again with more classroom segments. These are extensions of the first 25 pieces I  created during lectures, discussions, and otherwise. My class LITERARY SOUND ART with Professor Jeff Porter, is super interesting and I love listening to him talk about art and the word off of the page.

Poetry lives in the air. –Jeff Porter

His first lecture was all improv about the History of the Book. Every single word came out of his mouth. This is a real-time cut up poem. This is what I heard.  Therefore, Classroom Segment XVI:

the history of the book

The Black Word, maybe just a letter
made in material for the
last  50  years; what color
does the page turn in Time?
Pen.  Type.  Print.    Permanence.
The silence of the written word.

But that is not what instigated the Codex.
Word stayed put.
For centuries; simply,
what we have
is five-thousand years of spoken dreams
forgotten in oralty.
So let us understand how
they passed along ‘why’-

Creating a virtual library
in the brain is so different
for the poetic quality of the
to speak from memory.

In what condition is there so much excitement
about an ability? to be transferred.
In the beginning, there
was the Word– and the
Word was valued–
Our logocentrism, our words, the
spoken words, over  

all   else.