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My friend Midknight Son and I decided to get together and collaborate on a project. I did the audio cut up’s from the beautiful users mentioned in the “About.” I’m currently looking for the users whose previous work I built from in my audio project for the second, so MidKnight Son can upload those as well. I’m thinking of moving off of WP and back onto Tumblr. More of a crowd? -shrugs- I like both. Otherwise, here’s

Splicer: A PsychoStory



Let’s Join Canada

I’m particularly enlivened by the prospect of joining Canada as a true Sister-State. It’s perhaps because I’ve lost faith in our all too “democratic” system that shunts people’s choice for politician’s parties. After reading Diane Francis’s WSJ Article detailing why Canada and the U.S. Should Marry Each Other, I’ve come to the same conclusion.

Why not?

Canada and the United States have a long history of not understanding the cultural ‘norms’ of either side and poking fun at our misperceptions. Considering the same could be true of the two political parties that have now killed American policies is not the best way to say, “We should do this.” But we should. Canada’s national health policy directly clashes with the used-to-be entirely private system of Stateside health care. But in comparison to the now devalued and breaking Obamacare? It’s Christmas with a side of frosting. If only we had an opportunity to combine United States insurance with Canadian health care~

Absolute Havoc

Canada in all of its loveliness does not want the United States Dollar, nor would they be too happy about giving US their currency to drag down into the global market abyss of American politically charged economic corruption. That all aside, Canada’s economy isn’t bad. Did you know the freedom to do business and the freedom of using your own money is freer than in the United States? And that the United States is ranked by Canada says a lot about the U.S.’s position in the global market.

As a Commonwealth State that respects the loyalists that sided with Britain in 1776, it would be hard for the “Remember the Founders” movement in the United States to admit that we weren’t wrong then but that we’d be wrong now to continue moving away from the economic freedom that Canada has increased in the passing years. With national services the United States still lacks. Yet, there would be a HUGE problem with a merger.

The United States has a torn up democracy, a political structure that nobody wants (but those in power don’t want to get rid of), and a misguided approach to our natural resources. Natural resources are abundant in the United States, but we refuse to regulate the permissions for harvesting them BUT heavily regulate and tariff the ability to harness those energies within the bloody State they are Located in much more so at the national level. So Canada would love our resources and global military defense (that they kind of already have, NAFTA+) but would our current government even be able to give it to them?

In order for a merger to occur, or even a treaty to be drawn up, the ENTIRETY of the United States government would need to be reworked by Canada. And I say Canada, because if it hasn’t been clear in the past decades or so, the United States obviously is missing public opinion by  a long shot and can’t do it on its own.

But Still A Better Democracy  

Canada’s Independent States function well as independent states like they are supposed to–a consensus conglomerate of a variety of cultures that adheres to the greater power, but economically remains dependent on its STATE for its Income and Well Being. Hence, Quebec being able to speak French first and Canadian English second. Why can’t districts within American speak Spanish and English?

America as the land of the free is slowly recognizing it is not. The business environment is directly influenced by the government powers above it. If we want business to flourish and prosper in the United States economy, we have to look to our government. 

It’s not at all likely the United States would enter a social-political contract with Canada. But it is something to think about. Because people talk. People talk a lot. It’s what we do with our mouths when thoughts come out. And the government doesn’t like this. They watch what we say. (Hi there, N.S.A! I shut down my WOW account long after you had spies probably.) They read what we write. But oh look! When people talk, things might change. So keep talking my fellow Americans.

Because they don’t want you to.*


*the author may have to go into hiding. if this is the last blog you read, be aware that she fought the good fight. c; 

Sixteenth Century Theology a la Donne, lit notation 6

Looking at the second edition first, go back to the first edition second. The best deal is to recognize the gift of grace. Scrutinized yourself for grace.

Religious theory: pre-destination does not determine the free will choice to psychologically do things a redeemed person would do. so thereby becoming redeemed. doing good things make you good. what would they do to prove themselves among the elect? Donne very well knows theology–good to move between the different scripts, careful interpretation of learning. to begin preaching. his own practice.

People don’t write enough. When people stare and do not know what to write Doodle. The itching of the pen on paper shows unlearned knowledge. People want to say things the woman who give themselves to the paper, do not see it any other way as they are—the light at the 3rd mystical union of black on white. the space between the sexes that is believed and imagined because we have read about it. the sanctioned and the sanctification of Love. Donne takes both and writes as the idea of a woman, placing another’s name only after the words have been penned.
So what is a name, but a feeling? an image impressed with an undefined meaning? To cling to traditions that don’t yet exist; they cling to the Word they so readily resist.

Futurism: Speculating and Getting Paid For It

I’m all into the future. My brain works backwards. I even think I’ve stepped before I have.  Usually this results in  tripping down the stairs. Worse case scenario has me thinking I’ve turned in an assignment…only to realize it was due the day before. Ooops.

I’ve gotten better I promise.

Futurists don’t work backwards from a goal and then aim to achieve it. Instead they work forwards–starting from the histories past and then making educated guesses about how the world will turn. It isn’t a hope for the future, but a reconciliation of the past. This determines the present situation’s choices, which then influence how the future will work. It’s not a bad game to play. Fashion does it similarly. 80s Inspired Glasses? So 2013. The upturned collar? Definitely the new women’s mod trend. Steampunk clocks and gears? Thank you, Etzy Artists; and thank you:

Bruce Sterling.

2013-09-16 15.34.37
Bruce Sterling (left) and Dan Reed (right)

Yes, our world constant reinvents its idea of the future. I met author and futurist Bruce Sterling this past September. The Englert Theatre in Iowa City featured him with our own university futurist–Dan Reed. Mr. Reed is the vice president of economic and research development for the university. (Good job, university; way to stay ahead of the competition.) Bruce and Dan wanted to stay away from defining futurism. Futurism wasn’t so much about talking about the future, as it was dealing with the change people say happening in the present.

Seats were placed on stage for audience members to participate. Most people just stared with their legs crossed while the two men talked about the economic crisis and technology trends. Both treated the future like a glass art piece–fragile but easily tossed.

The future is just an educated guess from the past. If you want to go fifty years into the future, you need to go fifty years into the past. What’s happened? How has it happened? And why will it continue or change?

Bruce Sterling

The future isn’t ours to take. Futurists combine the concepts of critical theory with real time politics. I want to believe that I can change the world–but this implies that I am changing the future. Well, obviously I am changing the future. For every action I choose, I piece together the road that will lead me to a future I have no true control over it. Futurists look back and sigh. They wish their favorite corner shop still served Folgers instead of Starbucks. They go back to their hometown and don’t recognize it anymore. The world is changing faster than ever and as futurists stand around shouting claims and criticisms of the world around them–they too must live in it. They too aim to change it.

Even if that change is to stay the same.

2013-09-16 17.35.45
all my lovely new science fiction books

The future must be constructed. Believing in my personal goals and achievements is critical to my success. I have to be proud of my accomplishments. I cannot brandish them off or shove them in peoples’ faces; but I have to take pride in what I’ve done. And I could never have done it without help. This isn’t about talking myself up. This is about talking you up. This is about showing you why the future isn’t yours to take; the future is yours to create.

Students: Did your professor give you an assignment that your company has to make $5 million in five years? DO IT. And make it your company or hobby or business idea. Don’t prove it to him that you can do it. Prove it to yourself. Don’t understand? Say something. Don’t understand something? Google it out. It isn’t cheating or defeating to use your entire skill set. Parents. Friends. Video games. What ever gets you out the door and doing something because you want to do it. That is something you should be doing.

Professors: students don’t want to work or show up or participate? Don’t be afraid to teach them. To inspire them. To share your passions and your love. Then ask them WHY they care. WHY they thought this class would be great. Forget the syllabus until the second or third day of class. Get to know your students. Put them first. Never be afraid to share your knowledge. Because I’d rather have students complain that I knew too much than taught them too little.

Innovators: Take it easy. I know. The other two got totally pumped up. But you. You don’t need me to say anything. Just remember the little things of life make a difference. Walk the dog. Feed the fish. Wash the dishes. Take a shower. Don’t eat pizza every day. One cannot conquer the world on ramen noodles and Monster. Neither has adequate nutrition. So stay focus, but stay sharp! It takes a lot of energy to disrupt the status quo.

I write to create a better world. We are the present that determines the future, guys. Get out there and start living the world you want to see. If we don’t change, how can they?

Powerful Women in the Workplace

Nothing angers me more than reading something that tells me a woman cannot be powerful. This is in response to a wonderful lady’s comment on the NYT article, “A Woman’s Path to an MBA at Harvard.” Excuse me. But what the man that doesn’t raise his hand in class? One who listens more than he speaks? Does that mean he is behaving like a woman? What about the woman that does raise her hand more than she “so-called” listens?

Listening is entirely up to the individual’s own learning style. I find it difficult to imagine that a woman or a man who really vyed for an opportunity to learn, would silence themselves unless they were programmed by the “end physical result of powerful social conditioning about sexual roles that begins in infancy” (Listening, End of Page).  It is these roles that influence how we perceive a woman’s interactions as “passive” versus a man’s as “aggressive.” In aggression is truly a man’s trait, let me give you some examples of wonderful “women” that are apparently not role models as women, but as men.

She devoted four years of her life to marching band, three to jazz band, and her entire high school career to doing exceptional academically. She was one of the best saxophones, being second alto her first year, and first alto (a la #1 player) in her last two. She still had a social life. She also traveled to Italy, Greece, and Turkey before starting her university career. Where she continued to do marching band in university, despite having her true passions lie  elsewhere: Journalism.

An avid blogger, she kept a record of her thoughts and opinions throughout high school. The extra-writing she did was on always her own time. She joined The Standard as a writer, then earning Managing Editor her Jr. year and leading her team as Editor in Chief for her fourth and final year. Her piece covering the Joplin Tornado of May 2012 was published in the USA Today . This summer she turned a family vacation to Gettysburg as another way to follow her dream of writing. Her piece was featured as a guest post in The Joplin Globe. Even when she didn’t get a job out of university, she sought out her own internship to keep her passion moving forward.

She now works at Security Management Magazine in Virginia, where she continues to push herself forward to accomplish her dreams. Her name is Megan Gates, a life long friend, and hopeful accomplice for changing the world. You can believe she’s taking the world by storm.

I am seriously up-in-arms. I just cannot believe that our gender roles and societal expectations of “normality” are clouding the way we see progress! Society changes every day. We as individuals are influenced by and influence the world around us. Here’s another example of a strong woman that was never afraid to raise her hand.

Four years of high school tennis, Four years of intense high school debate, Four years of dedicated weekly piano lessons, Four years of women’s soccer, Four years of foreign extemporaneous speaking, Four years of ADV or Accelerated high school/college level work, Three National debate tournaments in three different events, Too many trophies,  and this list just keeps going on. Oh my gosh, can you imagine doing all of these in high school? Sprinkle in some community service, add a dash of founding a Youth Leadership Organization, and you have a really tenacious and devoted individual on your hands.

One girl did all of this. Before University. Without parental pressure–if anything, her mother wished to see more of her! She got fantastic grades academically. And was the first woman from our school to go to California, University of California San Diego specifically. Then, she got accepted into the International House and continued to overexert her academic career each quarter.She wrote and managed Prospect Journal. She belongs to the YAL Chapter at UCSD. She now works as a Marketing Assistant  for UCSD’s Recreations’ Department and has a position as an undergraduate at the typically “graduates only” International Affairs Group for USCD.

Her name is Alexsandra J. McMahan and you better believe she’s going places. She doesn’t raise her hand. She raises the bar. She wouldn’t let anyone tell her otherwise.

I’m sorry. But I don’t want to hear about how a woman is acting like a man, because she is going out and accomplishing things. Woman should be owning at life. We can and will take it by storm. And by all, if a woman wants to go to class, sit quietly and say nothing, or go to class  and raise her aggressively raise her  hand proudly and ask a question, then don’t you backlash her for saying she’s not right.

Don’t anyone ever dare to tell either a man or woman that are anything but what they are at their best–themselves. Gender is not a role. It is not a status. It is not an orientation. It is. Period. End of story. It is what you make it. It is what people see. It is something that is quite arbitrary and has been an issue in the past, I’ll admit, but would be great if we can broaden our perspectives and think, “Hey. Ya’ know. John acts like John, because he’s John. And Jane, acts like Jane, because she’s Jane.”

Normal people never changed the world. And I’m sorry. But if you want to be normal, you go be normal. More power to you for accepting the status quo. But if you really want change. And I mean, really want to see the world change. Then you cannot. You can never accept normalcy, or “normative mentalities.” Because normal, is stagnant. Normal doesn’t care about changing.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who, what, or which way you act. It only matters what you bring to the table. And don’t hold yourself back ladies, because you’re afraid
of acting like a man.
& Same to you too, men. We all deserve an honest chance to own at life.


  1. I have already spoken multiple times about how “friends” say they hate where they live, but refuse to move.
  2. Many of the friends I have met in this region not only come back but have 3+ generations living in the area in which they grew up.
  3. I believe the “Midwest Revival” as I like to call it is only increasing due to the economic recession we have found ourselves in with the majority of real cities being too costly to effectively line.

This is a graph showing the distribution of people moving from HOMETOWN to CURRENT LOCATION via a sample of facebook users. 

Now who is surprised? I sure ain’t. As I speak in my deep southern drawl I acquired from living in AL which isn’t on this graph. So apparently, if you live in Alabama, you are born their and never ever leave. Words to the travelers of the world–don’t move to Alabama, US. It eats your soul.

Please go and read Stephan Wolfram’s blog article for the full report. Trust me. This is incredible.

Why Germany Produces Better Cooks

I believe in hard work and stamina. There is little more required for cooking. You can be the “worst” chef of the family; but I believe anyone can be taught how to mix herbs, blend spices, throw things into a pot, and call it soup, stew, or curry. (Curry is harder, nevertheless.) As a storm rages outside when I type this, I find it odd how in a nation that loves to eat, we have relied on boxed meals, instant noodles, and fake food before ever thinking of turning to real world food.

There is a wide gap between the processed food we purchase in store and the hand-prepared food we purchase at a restaurant.

Then again, Americans barely know how to cook well. We follow cookbooks. We painfully wait with our bellies aching for hours just to sit down and have some one else cook for us. THAN we have the audacity to tell them their ingredients don’t match our needs–so change this, add this, take off that. I would die if I ate onions, but that’s a side note. And I try not to frequent restaurants that use them ground, mashed, and tucked into seemingly edible entrees of meat or mushrooms.

Then again, I also don’t eat “American” food.

Steak. Potatoes. Corn. Heavy Beans. Bread. Cheese.

Usually not my go-to meal items.

Quinoa. Tomatoes. Broccoli. Fish. Eggs. Seeds.

Much, much, much higher on my list–and quite Italian, to say the least. 

Regardless! American chefs are usually untrained from dish washer to marvelous chef. Each has a story and an art form that makes them unique amongst the world chefs. They don’t come from a manner of cooking, or a tradition passed through the generations. They come from spunk, ingenuity, and pizazz.

So why do I say Germany produces better cooks? Because they train them; they apprentice them; they force them to become better. We don’t have a n established program where people who want to be something can “enlist” themselves and start working. In fact, I believe that the majority of students would rather train with a web designer or a construction worker for 2 years in a work-study program than “work-study” at a receptionist desk for the University while earning a degree in Leisure Studies. Both fiels related, but not quite the Resume Conversation Starter.

If we stress the practicality and the feasibility of business ideas, why not expect the same from our education system?

What’s Next?

we are trying to fit into a social norm that does not exist. we claim to be awkward but are really just shy. there are introverts, extroverts, but what about the vertigo we feel from just going outside on a warm weathers day all bundled up because we thought “windy” was code for “it’s still winter outside” so our heads get
dizzy and we spend half of the day wishing we had worn less than half the night glad we wore as much as we did. can’t we understand that our lives are Contrary for a reason? against the grain for another? and never exactly what we want because we actually don’t know?

sure, we love and live and laugh and wait for what? politics to suddenly make sense or morality to accept our flaws or facts to represent our fantasies; i mean i never questioned why the sky was blue until someone asked. (but I did question,
question why the world wasn’t more willing to accept itself as a planet of Difference rather than trying to vouch for our Similarities. I think that we never really understand one another un till we under stand bridges cannot be crossed if we never BUILD THEM.

First, we must make something, build something, otherwise it can Second, never be used and Third

proven wrong.
so really, really really really really Reality is not a fact or a dream or a myth it is a Creation.
a creation made by creatures who create through exploration
and we explore because we are not afraid to find out
what’s next?

Good St. Patrick’s Day Morning

I love driving. I love watching scenes change between tree and field and pasture. Anywhere, anyplace, but this spring break, i was tired of Iowan highways and Missouri’s slippery backroads. I didn’t want to test the Southern or Western roads. I’ve driven through the South. Allergies are everywhere. I haven’t driven through the West. The Weather Channel says they are there too. So I apologize for driving further North to Wisconsin to avoid them.

but I seriously don’t regret being here.

1. It’s gorgeous outside.
2. Gaelic Storm is in Milwaukee.
3. Starbucks is the perfect walking distance away. (25 minutes about in the cold is 50 minutes of beautiful exercise.)

So enjoy St. Patrick’s where ever you are. & celebrate boldly by making your own beautiful green food to keep the alcohol from lowering your spirits.


Me still sitting in bed. Life is great….

St. Patrick’s Past 1845: Stephen Perry received a patent for the rubber band. It was made from vulcanized rubber.

What does BBC Sherlock Think About This?

For my all time favorite Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch. His svelte eyebrows raise questions pointless to those around him that grab the audience by its toes and hang them from the ceiling begging for more. I won’t go on. That image should suffice. Also, I don’t actually “pair” or “ship” or an any way ever want to see my Sherlock vying for the undue attention of John Watson in any sort of BL context. 

I still died laughing when I saw this.

There’s a second one as well. Click it. Love it. Share it. We can’t let the South Koreans have all the fun.

What do we think BBC has to think about this?  I highly doubt the conservative media of the British Empire would have thought far enough ahead with this franchise and its less than subtle implications about the living partners. However, I also am unaware to the political and cultural implications of same gender flatmates living together in South Korea. This could have had an implication on the media.

Or it could just be the more literal translation of this literary hero.

Regardless, I love him. I love this video. &now I’m going to share it with the world.