Story of My Life

An aisling is a dream/vision poem that developed in 18th Century Ireland. It is the Irish word for DREAM/VISION and takes the form of a woman. “Ais” is pronounced “Ash.” Ashlingh is a woman who dreams in bold ink and edits reality to live her dreams.

I’m Ashlingh.

My Three Rules of Life:

  1. Eat healthy.
  2. Stay focused.
  3. Keep writing.


Why should you trust me?

I post pictures of nutritious food and coffee along with my self-proclaimed genre of Technopoetry. My blog is proof that we can live our dreams. The Latest Feed aims to be a weekly reflection filled with poetry, coffee, and proasaics (prose-poetics; I invent new terms because I believe in challenging the status quo.) Only constructive criticism if you comment on my work please.

I will change the world. Change it with me. Follow my blog. Write me.


Where have I been?

I love travel. Maybe that’s because I’ve been moving from State to State since I was two years old; then switched up countries in the middle of my University career. There are my travels.

Places in BOLD indicate the current known location. 

Texas || New York || Rhode Island(x2) || Alabama|| Missouri || Iowa || Ireland || Scotland || England || Italy || Greece || Turkey || France || Switzerland || Germany || General Mid-Western Area || Southeastern United States || San Francisco, California


What don’t I do?

  • speak (almost) every accent of English
  • international experience working with foreign ambassadors and students.
  • developed an AV Editing service targeted for University Level Editing (Write to me & let me show you~)
  • bloggings around the internet that you can find on the other tabs
  • plan the large scale (2000+) Japanese pop culture Convention proudly named Anime Iowa.
  • drink a helluva lot of coffee


What will I do?

  • Conquer the World.
  • Develop an IOS App with my Programming Panda.
  • Innovate the online shopping and anime convention shopping experience.
  • Create beautiful and potent graphic novels, manga, and illustrated anthologies with my better half: Yuuki.
  • Try to be more Patient in my Life.

Thank you!