Who am I?


That’s me!

Lauryn is a self-proclaimed techno poet and nerdling. She currently lives in Iowa City, IA, but has lived just about everywhere. Her favorite accents to speak are her British-Boston and Southern Bell. She was raised on Batman and Narnia, but has traded both mask and wardrobe for an Iron Throne and a Sonic Screwdriver. In high school, she was constantly busy. She was marching band drum major, double-entered at countless speech and debate tournaments, and participated in two drama productions each year for four years. She also learned how to improv on the piano and prioritize World of Warcraft with homework. She also learned to love long walks in the middle of night during fall and drinking coffee anytime it’s available.

She hopes that her passion for sharing ideas and telling beautiful stories can set the precedent for writers and artists to come. She can’t wait to get business growing, so she can tell stories alongside her readers. She plans on graduating from the University of Iowa with an English Creative Writing Track B.A., an Honors International Studies B.A., and a Certificate of Entrepreneurial Management. She is a member of Iowa City Spark, events planner & leader for Anime Iowa, and a JPEC Ambassador, among other things. Thanks! for taking the time to read about her.

World Traveler

  • Texas, New York, Rhode Island, Alabama, Missouri, Iowa, United States
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Cambridge, England
  • visitations to & through: Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France, Switzerland, and Germany.


Poet & Playwright

  • Undergraduate Creative Writing Track, U Iowa’s Writers’ Workshop, for Playwriting, Spring 2012
  • University College Dublin, Ireland through Irish Writer’s Workshop, Summer 2012
  • University of Edinburgh, Screenwriting Night Class, Fall 2012
  • Poetry Seminar, Spring 2013
  • Literary Sound Art Advanced Class, Fall 2013
  • *future* B.A. English with specialization in Creative Writing, May 2014
  • *futre* B.A. Honors International Studies in Global Artistic Tradition & Change and International Communication, Thesis TBD, May 2014

Nerd Leader

  • Founder of Tumbleweed Words–a coalition of nerd and geek authors driven to tell great stories
  • Events Leader (& Former Programmer) for Anime Iowa–Iowa’s largest convention for Anime, Manga, and Sci-Fi/Fantasy love.

 Entrepreneur & Innovator

  • Co-Founder and World Creator of Tinderbox Studios, a creative design company dedicated to digital storytelling and creative design, August 2012
  • Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory [BELL] Center Acceptance for Tinderbox Studios, Spring 2013
  • First Place and Qualifying Team for International Business Model Competition, University of Iowa, April 2013
  • Semi-Finalist, University of Harvard Hosted International Business Model Competition, May 2013
  • Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute Participant, August 2013
  • *future* Certificate of Entrepreneurial Management from the Tippie College of Business, University of Iowa, May 2014

Coffee Addict

  • Look at my Instagram
  • Recognize my choices
  • What am I doing? What. Am. I. Doing?