Jins PC Glasses!! Box Opening & Trial Run!

PC Glasses should make staring at a computer screen “easy on the eyes.” Full pun intended. And for those unfamiliar with the awesomeness of Japan & Amazon. Get with it! There is more to life than HyVee pockey, yes? The mail man at the door just delivered my beautiful package from the Japan Post! & I immediately dropped all my university work to attend to the matter at hand–blogging about Jins.

Y- introduced to me Jins, the eyewear store, in Japan during our creepy trip to Odaiba. Jins PC Glasses actually have an ad campaign going on with Shinjeki no Kyoujin, or Attack on Titan.

I didn’t know about this. But suddenly, I feel a little self-consciously obsessive.

-adjusts new frames-

They are huge! compared to my other black frames. Oh. And they are purple. I bought purple frames. It takes getting used to, because my eyes can pick up that the blue light is now gone. (Obviously, hence eye strain.) I can still tell that my field of vision is tinted, or cancelling out a colour. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe we are all attuned to it?

I had a super fun time getting them out and trying them on!

And I had a great time finding the case for them, so I can take them with me where ever I go~

They are tinted. NT compared them to his polarized lenses. And Yuuki still has to squint at her monitor–it’s too bright! Haha. All in all, they are great edition to my study accessory kit! Now on to writing that honors thesis and content for our Tinderbox secret project. c;

Let me know what you think on Twitter or Tumblr! Follow me if you don’t, and keep looking for weird updates on my life & livelihood. We’re also doing a cool Tinderbox Survey <-innocent plug. Check it out if you haven’t already! [i.e., you read this and it hasn’t gotten to your social network stream yet.]


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