Year in Review: 2013

I feel like I’m forty; my 22 birthday is two days away.

Last night, more than a dozen people sang me Happy Birthday on New Year’s Eve. I can’t recall the last time that happened. It was slightly awkward, and a lot confusing, but my family was probably the only sober ones there. I forgave them.

I qualified to be a Finalist in STEM for the Technology of Iowa, Women in Innovation. My main major is English with creative writing. I have a blog. Yay techno poetry!!!*

*It was totally Tinderbox Studio’s award. Otherwise there is no way that would qualify me. At least not in 2013…

I attended the amazing OKOBOJI ENTREPRENEURIAL INSTITUTE with lovely host families & beautiful friends and tried not to kill myself with all the passion and excitement around me.

There was this thing called a Business Model Competition. Tinderbox owned it. End of story.

Oh. And there was another one at Harvard. We totally owned walking around the campus in high heels for hours. The semi-finalist status was an honor enough.

And then to close in backwards, a year to the month ago I asked: “What would happen if I became a JPEC Ambassador & signed up for some 06T courses?”

Well, guys. This. This happens. c:

Happy New Year! And a blessed crazy one to come at that~

  • More writing on Tinderbox blog
  • Appropriate exercising.
  • Less eating. More doing.



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