Thinc Ahead & Press On!

Look, we’re all busy changing the world here. We barely have time to breathe, much less study, relax, unwind, call home, and plan the next business pitch presentation in-between classes. A lot has happened in the past two weeks, so let’s recap and re-excite ourselves for life! ~

Ribbon Cutting!
Ribbon Cutting!

Thinc, The Innovation & Collaboration Lab, celebrated its Grand Opening Event two weeks ago in absolute style. Free food? Check. Friends? Yah! Fun? Absolutely! I wanted to get some quality time with the place before blogging about it. -cough- Dropbox photograph issues. -cough- But attending the event showcased the space as a place that could have held double the amount of people that came. [And a lot of people turned out!] So use that space! 

the jazz music
jazz music

Fellow Okoboji Entrepreneurs secretly turned into JPEC Ambassadors when I wasn’t looking. They all walked in for the after-party Nighttime Alumni & Student JPEC Networking Event. It was a whole reliving best moments and eating new, exciting food! The pictures are to follow, so feel jealous that you missed out. Next time the Business School starts berating your classes with flyers. Go to the event & put yourself out there! [If only for the chocolate covered strawberries and bacon wrapped dates~]

The next week Midterms haunted my every waking moment. I’m not going to bore you with the list; but I am taking 17SH hours now that my course with the awesome Professor Jerry Croft ended. The cooler thing was the next weekend.

I FINALLY got to show my friends Kansas City Ren Faire. It was a weekend before two midterms, where I really should have studied for the week and written all my assignments beforehand. Hah! I got it done on time and just as well. Let’s not talk about school work. Let’s talk about the awesome Jousting tournament, where I always end up on the side of the “not quite evil, but definitely not for justice” man. There were Turkey Legs and Scotch Eggs and a giant whole-baked apple dumpling, from street vendors that literally operated out of recreations of 12th Century wooden structures. Magic potion perfumes and hand worked leather shops took Master Card and Lady Visa, for those whose purse strings were pulled to tight for cash.

Then back to school for University and Business development. All my classes overlap and underscore what we’re doing for Tinderbox Studios. Wondering what that is? Well maybe I’ll write an Origin Story for us and put a link in here. For now, check out the Tinderbox page to read the synopsis! Y- and I have been super busy preparing for the Innovation Expo! Venture Showcase next Wednesday, Oct. 23rd! If you can score some free time be sure to register for it and come see our super cool presentation board.

Y’s been leading up the brand design and website illustrations. I’ve been heading up the more web development and long-term planning aspects. We’re tag teaming the booth showcase presentation. By this time next Tuesday look for a completed corporate website, awesome market stats & graphs, and business cards for Iowa City’s Creative Week 2013! It’s going to be a super packed week. The theme is Press On! Hit the ground running and go~ So if you don’t see enough of us, we’re working; if you see too much of us, we’re net-working.


For now, we’ll be working out at the BELL. Having meetings at Thinc. Intermittently napping between classes. Making time to go the gym and work on my Thesis. Did I forget to mention that? Oops…Stay warm game-changers! Winter is coming…


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