Sixteenth Century Theology a la Donne, lit notation 6

Looking at the second edition first, go back to the first edition second. The best deal is to recognize the gift of grace. Scrutinized yourself for grace.

Religious theory: pre-destination does not determine the free will choice to psychologically do things a redeemed person would do. so thereby becoming redeemed. doing good things make you good. what would they do to prove themselves among the elect? Donne very well knows theology–good to move between the different scripts, careful interpretation of learning. to begin preaching. his own practice.

People don’t write enough. When people stare and do not know what to write Doodle. The itching of the pen on paper shows unlearned knowledge. People want to say things the woman who give themselves to the paper, do not see it any other way as they are—the light at the 3rd mystical union of black on white. the space between the sexes that is believed and imagined because we have read about it. the sanctioned and the sanctification of Love. Donne takes both and writes as the idea of a woman, placing another’s name only after the words have been penned.
So what is a name, but a feeling? an image impressed with an undefined meaning? To cling to traditions that don’t yet exist; they cling to the Word they so readily resist.


One thought on “Sixteenth Century Theology a la Donne, lit notation 6

  1. It also happens to be a very dirty (and sexy) way to write about the big G; most of this is lost on us, because we talk about sexy time in incredibly pedestrian language.

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