The Decline of Great Writing, classroom segment 27

there’s a much more balanced juxtaposition
spending the first chance on doing;
little things that feel counterintuitive.
they get the big jobs in Hollywood
but we see how that turns goes–
bad writers.
The Internet/Digital tools expand the petite
narrative. Our moment is the
post-modern condition.

There’s nothing cool about it.
There’s just a formula that can sell.
When it began,
we got movies like the Matrix; but
we no longer believe in them.
There was Citizen Kane and Master Narratives
that no longer exist. They taught
the landmarks of film,
because the corrosive nature–pomo
has caught up with the hustle
of great literature. film. history.

There will be exceptions, of course
it will be tragic as they lose their
sacredity. What value is in open
access? Cynicism has bled into the
collapse of our narratives already.


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