Literary Notations IV. Soundscapes

professor Jeff Porter might secretly crop up more and more as I spend more time dedicated to creating literary sound art pieces. we think i should actually post them; leave a comment on this and start something. you’ll actually get to hear my voice. 

Sound cannot exist alone. 
Thought, connections to God vs.  Yaweh vs. Allah vs. Higher being–in Latin, the word is literally “higher being.”— The wind is “seen” in its effects rather then in its essence. I want to be the wind; seen for what I do not want I am or where I have come from. The horizon of invisibility is the concept that everything is mute [visually]  unless the sound that accompanies the object is heard, then it is [auditorily] defined in our brains.

Imagine a movie with no sound.

This is what it feels like to be deprived.

Things we see but make no sound register off. But things that have sound without sight. The wind in the trees or the sound of thunder before the storm. We smile and welcome them. Before we welcome shapes and sights we welcome sounds.
Remember: Your first instinct is to make noise and to be heard. Not to see with your eyes, but to see with your ears.


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