Classroom Segments Number 26

Yes, I am here again with more classroom segments. These are extensions of the first 25 pieces I  created during lectures, discussions, and otherwise. My class LITERARY SOUND ART with Professor Jeff Porter, is super interesting and I love listening to him talk about art and the word off of the page.

Poetry lives in the air. –Jeff Porter

His first lecture was all improv about the History of the Book. Every single word came out of his mouth. This is a real-time cut up poem. This is what I heard.  Therefore, Classroom Segment XVI:

the history of the book

The Black Word, maybe just a letter
made in material for the
last  50  years; what color
does the page turn in Time?
Pen.  Type.  Print.    Permanence.
The silence of the written word.

But that is not what instigated the Codex.
Word stayed put.
For centuries; simply,
what we have
is five-thousand years of spoken dreams
forgotten in oralty.
So let us understand how
they passed along ‘why’-

Creating a virtual library
in the brain is so different
for the poetic quality of the
to speak from memory.

In what condition is there so much excitement
about an ability? to be transferred.
In the beginning, there
was the Word– and the
Word was valued–
Our logocentrism, our words, the
spoken words, over  

all   else.


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