OEI: Day 4 and 5

The Okoboji Entrepreneurial Institute was incredible. Our company–Crane Computing–set goals and met them. We didn’t do well grade-wise. The Balanced Scorecard was much better for us, but was much lower than our universe. It couldn’t be helped. By scaling back options and not increasing sales staff, we killed ourselves in Quarter 5. We couldn’t recoup the loss for Q6. However, we will learn from our mistakes.

  • Keep the pace steady at sixty. Gradually build up from there.
  • It takes involvement at every level. Don’t let other people’s priorities distract you from yours. It’s a team effort. That’s what makes it succeed.
  • There can be two leaders. But in the end, one must be the listener and not the director.

Being an entrepreneur is always starting from the ground up, at zero to sixty million in a heart beat. OEI was overall an incredible experience. Look for some lecture notes & series updates in the future. I hope the advice I got can help ignite more passion or purpose to people around the world.

It isn’t something everyone can do. Just like Crane Computing worked well together but whose numbers didn’t stand up competitively, Start-Ups have to realize you don’t have to be competitive to compete in the market.

Continue making your own dreams come true. Together. We can change the world.


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