OEI Venture Capital Fair Reaction a la Cut-Up Poem

I wrote this for my lovely host family to be cut up and spread on our gift to them; because I am unsure if they have received it, I have carefully alluded and yet disguised what this gift is. First poem beginning the August/September start of school commencing. There are some minor edits to this edition. Ah, digital poetry is endless with edits & changes. So edition 2:

Work—also known as the first 2 skills
you’ll pursue in life—said their own
side. Business deals advising the investors
to feel minutes anxiously .

They live only to the next valuations-
needed everyone to go far, with
unique projections respective of their wealth
wondering if we ever called John.

They’ve back our statistics—waiting
for the market to reflect—so
in moments our government works
for the investment entrepreneur.


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