Recount: OEI Venture Capital Fair

07 Aug 2013
3:08 PM

Team 1, aka: Crane Computing, sits staring at their respective electronic devices. We’re anxiously awaiting mock investors, who have real VC deals on the side. They want a company to do super well. We need to win our own competition. It’s a play the game moment and all sides are trying to win it. We’ve discussed. We’ve prepared. We feel confident about our presentation; but- we live in the moment. Waiting. Wondering. When.

Mike Vasquez started in a corporate firm called AT&T and gave it all up to pursue his own grand venture scheme as an entrepreneur. With no guarantee of success, he secured a “modest now but tons back then” investment of $15,000 from the Des Moines government through John Papajohn. He had 2 minutes in the lobby with John Papajohn once he got his business plan together. Two minutes. On a Saturday at 9am. The next Monday, he got a call and investment. They’ve been working together ever since.

Our team was the first in 8 years to not have a CEO. VP of Manufacturing answered how lucky we were to have a dynamic representation for a team. Our HR VP  said how everyone was unique. Finance talked about our great team work and skills. I smiled. We’re well rounded. and I wanted to take Mike’s advice. We are in it to win it. We gave numbers, valuations, and statistics. You only get so far on projections.

We need to get that far.


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