OEI Day Three

6:30 – Wake Up
7:05 – Arrive @ Lakeside Labs for Breakfast
7:30 – Get Kicked out of Dining Hall to go do work
7:45 – 9: 30 – Work on Quarter Two / VC Presentation
10 – 11:45 – Submit Quarter Three and Anxiously Await Results
12 – 12:20 – Lunch
1 – 4 – Work on a Farm Splitting and Stacking Wood
4:50 – 5:40 – Relax and Sleep at Homestay.
5:45 – 6:30 – Get Ready for Networking Dinner
7:30 – Dinner, Lake, & Networking
10:20 – Arrive back at Homestay
10:47 – Facebook and Write the day’s activities in a blog

Okoboji makes us feel on top of the world. We’re surrounded by not one-time success, but serial success. People from everywhere and all backgrounds inspire us, challenge us, and invigorate us. Now: Our corporation goes into VC pitches tomorrow. We are vying for 4m in funding. We apparently need it. The only question on everyone’s minds:

What will we do next?


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