OEI Day Two

The days are so long. I feel like last night dragged into the morning, waking at a 6:20 am just to Iron a shirt/skirt for 20 min. I can officially get into business professional in 20 minutes + make up #nobigdeal. Regardless: I’m really beginning to enjoy settling into this business routine. I love intensity and environments that force me to constantly talk. Once I start, I can’t stop. I just keep, keep keep moving.

This being said— I probably need to relax a bit more. I’m constantly over turning ideas on how to make a website even better. Today: We started a business simulation finishing Quarter 1. &i presented Tinderbox Studio’s Secret Project at the PITCH & GROW EVENT! located in Spencer, IA. It was incredible to see their co-working facility all the way in the Northwestern Corner of Iowa. People from U Iowa, Iowa State, UNI, and other big Midwestern Entrepreneurial backers were there. It was dynamic, entertaining, and complete with hipster coffee shop and free catering!

Speaking of food, I’m going to be eating a lot of Fruit. Breakfast + Lunch literally were fruit such as berries and grapes, plus an apple and a 1/3. Peanut butter served as a protein for lunch. #glutenfree #nodairy but it’ s my own choice. And they have been MORE than so accommodating. There is a whole shelf with gluten free cereal and Lara bars. They have real whole fruit and plenty of vegetable options at others’ houses. I can thrive in a community that genuinely cares about my health. It also worries me that I may secretly have a malabsorption issue. Nevertheless, Okoboji has been great so far! 

Let’s keep this up into Quarters 2 – 6 and Team One will dominate our Universe! 


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