Training for Japan, Day One

Today is my forth day walking in heels the length of my hand. Or somewhere between 3 to 4 1/2 inches. Why? You ask, as you see me hobble over cobblestones and brazenly trekking through spring-time pollen-filled grasses. I am preparing for something that needs high stamina, high endurance, and the flexibility to walk on any surface.

I am training to go to Japan.

In two weeks, my lovely friend and business partner Yuuki M. has invited me to stay with her and her grandparents at the end of May. I am literally falling over myself with excitement. It’s incredible to be so close to the end of the year for finals, on the brink of starting a business, and having made lovely connection(s) this weekend in Boston. . . I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED FOR THE SUMMER. (I should write that Niche article on bagels and my father before Japan.)

Japan is mountainous and urban. After walking in Boston over the weekend, Yuuki never complained. She was fine walking the 4+ miles a day in heels or tennis shoes braving the chilly coastal weather in my suit jacket. She loaned me her warm coat. She doesn’t even wear sunglasses. I trudged along like the slow fat puppy from 101 Dalmatians, Rolly. And that is all I wanted to do by Sunday morning. Roll on the dirty Subway station floor and take a nap. But non! She kept me vigilant until we could catch a taxicab so she could make her flight back to Japan.

Wherein I had to walk to Terminal A to buy my ticket and Terminal C to wait at the gate. Ah, Boston….

American cities were not meant for walking. Or at least the Midwest ones, and in two weeks thats all I’m going to do. My current workout is frequenting the gym at 4 days/week  completing a cycle/walking between 45-60mins. With the weather, it will be easier to complete the 2+ miles I should be walking a day to maintain the stamina necessary for Japan.

My good friend, Tom, went to Japan last May for two weeks. He wrote an article about their overall healthy lifestyle choices. It IS possible to live that lifestyle in America, but you can’t depend on the people you see around you for guidance. They’re unworthy Americans. Japanese fitness levels and portion sizes are invert of Americans. AKA Fitness levels UP and Portion Sizes DOWN.

So I reread his article and am coming up with my own “にほんのダイエット!”*

  1. Walk/Cycle between 1.7 – 6km a day.
  2. Eat three small meals a day of a variety of fruits, veggies, rice, and protein.
  3. Do not eat sweets, dairy, or other people’s free food that does not fit into my lifestyle.

Free food is hard food to ignore. I have a feeling I am going to be watching a lot of new tele on the treadmill. Still– All of this is worth it to be ready to face Japan head-on! I want to be tired from jet-lag, not my former rolly-polly self….

*Japanese Diet! for all you non-otakunese out there.


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