Classroom Segment Number 16 [Happy Beltane!]

the moment when i realize all my featured images are becoming random instead of patterned, and i think it had something to do with the last poem and nothing more.


and so did he love i listened
whispered consistency in her air
He breathed out of my–her ear
and decisions are derived by distance
in self of strong luck held close
to authority.

insignificant inner lies enter
randomness, why? we deny random
by pattern-seeking searches for why
not do to them unto you
compassions treat illness with disease.
you think yourself into taking pills
pills for bodily disfunctions you won’t control
you know no better
than what you’re taught
distaste for emotional discourse.
styles make it tradition
digressions are my piano forté
so let me interlude a sonata
in the arctic moonlight brigade
madness banging on keys
evisceratig my ballad with fingernails
clacking the keys.
incessitations recesitating myself from

you sought constancy in my whispers
and so did i love.


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