1. I have already spoken multiple times about how “friends” say they hate where they live, but refuse to move.
  2. Many of the friends I have met in this region not only come back but have 3+ generations living in the area in which they grew up.
  3. I believe the “Midwest Revival” as I like to call it is only increasing due to the economic recession we have found ourselves in with the majority of real cities being too costly to effectively line.

This is a graph showing the distribution of people moving from HOMETOWN to CURRENT LOCATION via a sample of facebook users. 

Now who is surprised? I sure ain’t. As I speak in my deep southern drawl I acquired from living in AL which isn’t on this graph. So apparently, if you live in Alabama, you are born their and never ever leave. Words to the travelers of the world–don’t move to Alabama, US. It eats your soul.

Please go and read Stephan Wolfram’s blog article for the full report. Trust me. This is incredible.


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