Surprising Encounters

We never expect that the random girl in our class is going to be the best friend when you need it most. Things happen when you least expect it sounds too cliche; but we say it because our life can be summed up in 140 characters or less: you breathe until you don’t, then what? Funny how it’s seven numbers. Holy, et. al. etc.

A great friend says “do what you want; but don’t be stupid.” It’s a good rule of life that I think I’d like to abide by, but eating two cookies is still stupid, no matter how much want is involved. I think I’m skipping dinner. Sigh. I should not do stupid things. Otherwise, mixed with some spinach leaves and sugar cravings, my life is tossed well around business, school, and hobbies. The portion is to keep breathing and remember that life is not so imminent as immediate, which is much easier to handle.

Also: Please excuse my online diminished presence as the World is happening so rapidly I can barely catch the torrent. My isolation is not displeasing to it, but I am dragged away by the course of socialism as a function and rather than a gathering. Ah, is it grown up to realize society is planned and not performed?


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