What’s Next?

we are trying to fit into a social norm that does not exist. we claim to be awkward but are really just shy. there are introverts, extroverts, but what about the vertigo we feel from just going outside on a warm weathers day all bundled up because we thought “windy” was code for “it’s still winter outside” so our heads get
dizzy and we spend half of the day wishing we had worn less than half the night glad we wore as much as we did. can’t we understand that our lives are Contrary for a reason? against the grain for another? and never exactly what we want because we actually don’t know?

sure, we love and live and laugh and wait for what? politics to suddenly make sense or morality to accept our flaws or facts to represent our fantasies; i mean i never questioned why the sky was blue until someone asked. (but I did question,
question why the world wasn’t more willing to accept itself as a planet of Difference rather than trying to vouch for our Similarities. I think that we never really understand one another un till we under stand bridges cannot be crossed if we never BUILD THEM.

First, we must make something, build something, otherwise it can Second, never be used and Third

proven wrong.
so really, really really really really Reality is not a fact or a dream or a myth it is a Creation.
a creation made by creatures who create through exploration
and we explore because we are not afraid to find out
what’s next?


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