Courting Oaths with Tennis Balls

based on the “Tennis Court Oath” by Ashbury, and cut up by me. in the classroom segments, this should be considered number twelve. therefore, i present: 


What had you been thinking about
studiously? Bloodied heaven
blotted on loving you like water.
there is a terrible breath–
though fog and drizzle sincere
the coasts, stammered, with villages
unintentionally I thought of mailing this.

Going down to the kettle in the yard,
you come through
incomparable lovely mystery
you don’t want the real dance
spring clouds; the mulatress approached.

Lettering visible in toward reading carelessly
the blood shifted those walls
wind off undeniably the young there
there was candy
to decide the sharp edge
like a particular cry with an emotion
sink into peace.

There was no back but sight.
He chose this moment, this moment
and the others.
pleaded, “have more
and now could go away.
Your dream of my son
understand prejudice
darkness finished
could all go
now glad he brought you lilacs.


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