Good St. Patrick’s Day Morning

I love driving. I love watching scenes change between tree and field and pasture. Anywhere, anyplace, but this spring break, i was tired of Iowan highways and Missouri’s slippery backroads. I didn’t want to test the Southern or Western roads. I’ve driven through the South. Allergies are everywhere. I haven’t driven through the West. The Weather Channel says they are there too. So I apologize for driving further North to Wisconsin to avoid them.

but I seriously don’t regret being here.

1. It’s gorgeous outside.
2. Gaelic Storm is in Milwaukee.
3. Starbucks is the perfect walking distance away. (25 minutes about in the cold is 50 minutes of beautiful exercise.)

So enjoy St. Patrick’s where ever you are. & celebrate boldly by making your own beautiful green food to keep the alcohol from lowering your spirits.


Me still sitting in bed. Life is great….

St. Patrick’s Past 1845: Stephen Perry received a patent for the rubber band. It was made from vulcanized rubber.


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