New Appreciation for Subways Everywhere

I stand by not counting calories. Every time I try I end up starving myself, binge eating, and then repeating the process. Worse. I binge on the good AND the bad stuff assuming you clearly define your food into said two categories. (I broadly define my food, but that’s a different topic.) Worse? According THIS wonderful video I found on NPR–but actually made by the New York Times–shows exactly what I’ve been told by my mother and my own results stand by.

Calorie count doesn’t add up.

It’s what you eat. Now how you eat it. & what should you apparently? Subway. I hate to admit it. This sandwich chain gave my stomach an upset a year ago, and I have refused to go back sense. The more I read, however, the more I think Quiznos’ is the worst for health.  Subway has gone global for a reason. We can trust Subway. We can go to Subway, look at their calorie counts, and know exactly what we’re getting. Which isn’t the same for any other food manufacturer out there.

Can you blame the manufacturer entirely? It takes 10 hours to test 5 items of food. Who has the time/resources/stamina to devote to accurately testing their food items? Instead we do what we always do. Go on Google. Do it Yourself. But has this reliance on google misled people? We can make all sorts of health misdemeanors and or adorations. I digress back to the topic.

SIMPLY! -> Watch this spectacular video on calorie counts and read the article.

Make Spring Break Healthy Again. 

Eat Subway, apparently.


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