Life Update #1

I keep revamping the site. Sorry about all the interface changes. 

We want simplicity while keeping the “professional portfolio” aspect of it. LOOK FORWARD FOR:

  1. Less text and more formatting on the Navigation pages.
  2. Better categories and corresponding featured images.
  3. Coffee Blogging! Whatever this is going to mean.
  4. Simpler background information. Do you even want to know who I am?
  5. Less widgets/text/nonsense cluttering the site.

We want to make this site beautiful.

We want to showcase all our passions.

  • Project updates on Tinderbox.
  • Propaganda for Tumbleweed Words and
  • more snippets of Iowa City, IA through #icnerdseverywhere
  • More Features of awesome people that i’ve met.
  • & hopefully conversations about why I write the way I write.

We can create a better Reality. 


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