What does BBC Sherlock Think About This?

For my all time favorite Sherlock: Benedict Cumberbatch. His svelte eyebrows raise questions pointless to those around him that grab the audience by its toes and hang them from the ceiling begging for more. I won’t go on. That image should suffice. Also, I don’t actually “pair” or “ship” or an any way ever want to see my Sherlock vying for the undue attention of John Watson in any sort of BL context. 

I still died laughing when I saw this.

There’s a second one as well. Click it. Love it. Share it. We can’t let the South Koreans have all the fun.

What do we think BBC has to think about this?  I highly doubt the conservative media of the British Empire would have thought far enough ahead with this franchise and its less than subtle implications about the living partners. However, I also am unaware to the political and cultural implications of same gender flatmates living together in South Korea. This could have had an implication on the media.

Or it could just be the more literal translation of this literary hero.

Regardless, I love him. I love this video. &now I’m going to share it with the world.


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