St. Valentine’s Day

Every holiday means “new beginnings” in my mind. Sir Valentine passed his letters through the bars of a jail cell not expecting they would lead to a mass commercial and emotional holiday dipped in chocolate and served on a silver platter. Many of you are probably feeling something like this:

i just want those post-valentine’s sales tomorrow. come on friday.

This morning I had class at eleven. I couldn’t find my special “it’s a holiday today” socks. I was running late. After I apologized my way through an archeology discussion, I felt a little too perked up for a holiday wherein most singles feel, well, singled out. Then my friend reminded me why singles might actually be slightly better off than couples today:

This morning I saw a guy running down the street with a large box of chocolates, a huge bouquet of flowers, and a giant stuffed animal. It wasn’t even 11 yet. You know, he had to be in trouble. –Friend

My only reaction was wide-eyed surprised laughter and a secret desire to wish that someone would surprise me with something as elaborate, but hopefully a little less rushed and better timed. I digress. My point is that valentine’s day is supposed to be celebrated with things that remind you of the people you love. Like this:

yup. i l went there.

Do what you want. Be who you want. Celebrate how you want. We don’t need society to tell us anything about anybody. Though we’ll probably still trust Google for the small things in life (like “what to wear to a wedding” or “celebrate zombietine’s day.”) For now, enjoy these images and a small snippet of a poem I wrote long ago as a song. Many Blessings! &Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s is not for me
or for You, but let us see;
chocolates & roses & strawberry
flavours; gifts wrapped in silver
tissue papers;
we don’t need slant-rhyme to
make this sublime. Just
state that “your mine” and
give me your favors.


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