You’re still here.

Hanging onto my every word.

Well, I’m back.

Better than ever, and like never before. Bursting onto aa scene I never meant to enter. Trying to do everything I said I would and nothing at all. My goals haven’t changed, because I never accomplished them. I forgot that I made them, desperate to accomplish some other stronger desire. I forgot I still I had this blog. I am glad it remains.

Ryn has returned.


beautiful city, with a beautiful name.

i enjoyed walking from traditional history to a Starbucks and getting a green tea frappuchino, because it felt all too well placed and then walking to a subway to get back to Ichinomiya.

kanji isn’t my strongest point, so i wish i knew more to write with. wow. my eyes are so dry just thinking about the light humidity. the weird pathways that led to nowhere, and i followed them all anyway.

it would be a nostalgic experience to go back.

A Tale From Rapture


Welcome to Rapture: New Media Experiment

Tales from Bioshock: An Youtube Story

My friend Midknight Son and I decided to get together and collaborate on a project. I did the audio cut up’s from the beautiful users mentioned in the “About.” I’m currently looking for the users whose previous work I built from in my audio project for the second, so MidKnight Son can upload those as well. I’m thinking of moving off of WP and back onto Tumblr. More of a crowd? -shrugs- I like both. Otherwise, here’s

Splicer: A PsychoStory


Scratched Poetry From Class

I do these writing exercise where I just write down the words I hear and see around me in class. This was a strange evening, I suppose. Enjoy. 


It is a metaphor for death
dilly dallying the doom
of being chosen, that slow
chafe at your heels
lingers in your eyes
wears at your pockets into
two ample hand warmers.

With innocent surprise, you
smirkingly light another
at the downcast pedestrian
too eager to judge
uneager to question
suited up for the coffin already.

The final sound collapsed
in on itself–a pirouette
of a masterpiece–
cast down by a stray city cop,
who whispers “I’m sorry.”

Your grail of laughter in an
empty ashcan resounds against
your cynical nature. As
you sidestep the inevitable,
his spirit fizzles
into an extinguished unknown.

Jins PC Glasses!! Box Opening & Trial Run!

PC Glasses should make staring at a computer screen “easy on the eyes.” Full pun intended. And for those unfamiliar with the awesomeness of Japan & Amazon. Get with it! There is more to life than HyVee pockey, yes? The mail man at the door just delivered my beautiful package from the Japan Post! & I immediately dropped all my university work to attend to the matter at hand–blogging about Jins.

Y- introduced to me Jins, the eyewear store, in Japan during our creepy trip to Odaiba. Jins PC Glasses actually have an ad campaign going on with Shinjeki no Kyoujin, or Attack on Titan.

I didn’t know about this. But suddenly, I feel a little self-consciously obsessive.

-adjusts new frames-

They are huge! compared to my other black frames. Oh. And they are purple. I bought purple frames. It takes getting used to, because my eyes can pick up that the blue light is now gone. (Obviously, hence eye strain.) I can still tell that my field of vision is tinted, or cancelling out a colour. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe we are all attuned to it?

I had a super fun time getting them out and trying them on!

And I had a great time finding the case for them, so I can take them with me where ever I go~

They are tinted. NT compared them to his polarized lenses. And Yuuki still has to squint at her monitor–it’s too bright! Haha. All in all, they are great edition to my study accessory kit! Now on to writing that honors thesis and content for our Tinderbox secret project. c;

Let me know what you think on Twitter or Tumblr! Follow me if you don’t, and keep looking for weird updates on my life & livelihood. We’re also doing a cool Tinderbox Survey <-innocent plug. Check it out if you haven’t already! [i.e., you read this and it hasn’t gotten to your social network stream yet.]

Year in Review: 2013

I feel like I’m forty; my 22 birthday is two days away.

Last night, more than a dozen people sang me Happy Birthday on New Year’s Eve. I can’t recall the last time that happened. It was slightly awkward, and a lot confusing, but my family was probably the only sober ones there. I forgave them.

I qualified to be a Finalist in STEM for the Technology of Iowa, Women in Innovation. My main major is English with creative writing. I have a blog. Yay techno poetry!!!*

*It was totally Tinderbox Studio’s award. Otherwise there is no way that would qualify me. At least not in 2013…

I attended the amazing OKOBOJI ENTREPRENEURIAL INSTITUTE with lovely host families & beautiful friends and tried not to kill myself with all the passion and excitement around me.

There was this thing called a Business Model Competition. Tinderbox owned it. End of story.

Oh. And there was another one at Harvard. We totally owned walking around the campus in high heels for hours. The semi-finalist status was an honor enough.

And then to close in backwards, a year to the month ago I asked: “What would happen if I became a JPEC Ambassador & signed up for some 06T courses?”

Well, guys. This. This happens. c:

Happy New Year! And a blessed crazy one to come at that~

  • More writing on Tinderbox blog
  • Appropriate exercising.
  • Less eating. More doing.


Let’s Join Canada

I’m particularly enlivened by the prospect of joining Canada as a true Sister-State. It’s perhaps because I’ve lost faith in our all too “democratic” system that shunts people’s choice for politician’s parties. After reading Diane Francis’s WSJ Article detailing why Canada and the U.S. Should Marry Each Other, I’ve come to the same conclusion.

Why not?

Canada and the United States have a long history of not understanding the cultural ‘norms’ of either side and poking fun at our misperceptions. Considering the same could be true of the two political parties that have now killed American policies is not the best way to say, “We should do this.” But we should. Canada’s national health policy directly clashes with the used-to-be entirely private system of Stateside health care. But in comparison to the now devalued and breaking Obamacare? It’s Christmas with a side of frosting. If only we had an opportunity to combine United States insurance with Canadian health care~

Absolute Havoc

Canada in all of its loveliness does not want the United States Dollar, nor would they be too happy about giving US their currency to drag down into the global market abyss of American politically charged economic corruption. That all aside, Canada’s economy isn’t bad. Did you know the freedom to do business and the freedom of using your own money is freer than in the United States? And that the United States is ranked by Canada says a lot about the U.S.’s position in the global market.

As a Commonwealth State that respects the loyalists that sided with Britain in 1776, it would be hard for the “Remember the Founders” movement in the United States to admit that we weren’t wrong then but that we’d be wrong now to continue moving away from the economic freedom that Canada has increased in the passing years. With national services the United States still lacks. Yet, there would be a HUGE problem with a merger.

The United States has a torn up democracy, a political structure that nobody wants (but those in power don’t want to get rid of), and a misguided approach to our natural resources. Natural resources are abundant in the United States, but we refuse to regulate the permissions for harvesting them BUT heavily regulate and tariff the ability to harness those energies within the bloody State they are Located in much more so at the national level. So Canada would love our resources and global military defense (that they kind of already have, NAFTA+) but would our current government even be able to give it to them?

In order for a merger to occur, or even a treaty to be drawn up, the ENTIRETY of the United States government would need to be reworked by Canada. And I say Canada, because if it hasn’t been clear in the past decades or so, the United States obviously is missing public opinion by  a long shot and can’t do it on its own.

But Still A Better Democracy  

Canada’s Independent States function well as independent states like they are supposed to–a consensus conglomerate of a variety of cultures that adheres to the greater power, but economically remains dependent on its STATE for its Income and Well Being. Hence, Quebec being able to speak French first and Canadian English second. Why can’t districts within American speak Spanish and English?

America as the land of the free is slowly recognizing it is not. The business environment is directly influenced by the government powers above it. If we want business to flourish and prosper in the United States economy, we have to look to our government. 

It’s not at all likely the United States would enter a social-political contract with Canada. But it is something to think about. Because people talk. People talk a lot. It’s what we do with our mouths when thoughts come out. And the government doesn’t like this. They watch what we say. (Hi there, N.S.A! I shut down my WOW account long after you had spies probably.) They read what we write. But oh look! When people talk, things might change. So keep talking my fellow Americans.

Because they don’t want you to.*


*the author may have to go into hiding. if this is the last blog you read, be aware that she fought the good fight. c; 

On Marvell, “The Garden,” Poetry Segment # 28

Inspired by Marvell and his mower/garden poems.

And when the stars and planets align,
to make, take, or break Divine.
And kneading dough that breaks our Earth,
to farm and till for all its worth.
We consciously decide the weight to bear
against the grains of time that wear
Upon our brow that alternates
between furious loves and passionate hates.
To tame another adulterated fruit,
we claim a sovereignty above dispute.
Changing perceptions obsessed in hope,
how can we write without a rope?

Why Poetry Is Hard To Read

Literary Notation Seven: Inspired by Blaine Greteman, professor in 16th/17th century literature & the modern social network. 

Poetry isn’t meant to convey an idea, or a message. Putting something in meter or rhyme inherently obscures the basic forms of communication–clarity. Why do texts confuse us? What satisfaction do we get from figuring them out? And at what point does it go too far? You see, Russian Formalists began talking about this precise thing. We interpret works based on our expectations of those works. This is prejudice. But a certain amount of a prejudice is necessary to understand the world. We share these prejudices. If you gave me a full cup, and I looked at this “cup”, and had to figure it out each time, one of us would end up with a face full of misunderstanding.

Poetry disrupts our expectations. Throws in these little surprises, and this constant revisiting and refiguring is good. We like this ultimacy of our decisions. When you watch a movie you know you like over and over again, but hoping there was something you missed the first or seventh time around, just to feel that feeling of surprise again–this is reading Poetry. It makes you aware of the prejudice that you bring to every situation. We simply do not fall into a text. We meet the author halfway–a shared horizon between “What the hell are you saying?” and “Oh, i see what you did there.” We can never know this thing called ‘authorial intent,’ but we can escape from our prejudices (if only for that moment in reading) and reflect on what it means to understand, expect, or read.